Château du Cleray

The muscadet

Wine-growing Region and Terroir

The Loire is home to one of the very finest wine growing regions. The wine region of Muscadet along the River Loire close to the city of Nantes , Muscadet is produced from Melon de Bourgogne grapes. this grape, a distant relative of Chardonnay , was exported from Burgundy by monks in the Middle Ages under the name of ‘’Petite Bourgogne’’or ‘’Petit Melon Musqué’’. Melon de Bourgogne is the only grape used in the production of Muscadet, it is rarely grown elsewhere in France and virtually nowhere else in the world. there are just few acres in Oregon, where it is called Pinot Blanc.

Muscadet is a very unique style of wine and a tremendous choice for those people looking for originality and for anyone looking to steer clear of standards and stereotypes.


The vineyard of Nantes enjoys an oceanic climate, relatively mild during winter periods, but the vineyard can also experience variations in sunlight and in rainfall, there are a dozen different “Terroir” in the Nantes region based on the Armoricain Massif made up of Volcanic rocks, it is into these soils that the vines of Muscadet send their roots.

The Château du Cléray is situated on a siliceous-clay soil that is crossed by a schist vein which will give minerality and salinity of our wines. The clay is the backbones of our wines. The silica will give the tenderness, the aromas and the delicacy to our wines. The specificities of the subsoils of Château du Cléray give the wines their unique personality.

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