The know-how

The wines of Château du Cléray are influenced by the four “Terroir” that exist in the vineyard. At Cleray the traditions have been passed from father to son for 4 generations. We are wine-growers but also “creators of pleasure”, and it is with passion that each year we create the new vintage.

Our wines are telling a story …. 

The wine is a culture, made from a cultivated “Terroir”. With this term “Haute Culture” (High Culture), the Sauvion Family nominate the best Cuvées, made from the grapes grown on the best “Terroir” and from old vines, the grapes are vinified with passion and great care. It is the very “Essence” of Muscadet.


Haute Culture from Sauvion combines the character, fineness and elegance to reveal a Muscadet of great personality.

We love to travel through France and the rest of the World to spread the knowledge and expertise that make Chateau Du Cleray so unique.

Sauvion is one of the finest Ambassadors of Muscadet. Our wines are sold in over fifty countries all over the world.

We are pleased to work with restaurants and wine shops both in France and abroad; these partners are our best ambassadors.


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